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+27 (11) 668 7000

Eureka Foundation


The Eureka Foundation is a Not-for-Profit company with NPO and PBO status.

We are looking for like-minded stakeholders who can partner with us to help change our nation.

The Foundation’s main objective will be to improve the capacity of the early childhood education sector in disadvantaged communities, and promote learning and educational research in South Africa.

  • To help improve the learning potential and human competency of children in South Africa, particularly the underprivileged, by means of holistic brain development during early childhood. We recognise that the people best suited to stimulate and develop very young brains are the children's parents or primary caregiver.
  • To provide training, mentoring and coaching to parents and primary caregivers to enable and empower them to succeed in early childhood brain development and to improve and enrich their parenting skills and ability to bond with their child.