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Eureka is the parent company that established the Eureka Foundation and BrainBoosters as the vehicles through which to make a difference to the future of our country.

The vision is to provide early brain stimulation to infants and young children by empowering parents and caregivers, hand-in-hand with employers, crèches and other NGOs, and to offer a Grade R programme as well as a catch-up programme for Grade 1 learners who missed out on the foundation to impacting literacy and numeracy.

Eureka DIY has put its considerable human resources, IT, manufacturing and distribution capacity behind the BrainBoosters programme to ensure its success.

The research, development and design of the educational products takes place within the parent company. The logistical capacity of Eureka DIY enables the high-quality, cutting-edge BrainBoosters product to be made available at remarkably affordable prices.  For more information visit the website at