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+27 (11) 668 7000


MD of Eureka DIY Solutions, Chairman and Founder of BrainBoosters, Eureka Varsity and Eureka Foundation

CEO, Co-Founder of BrainBoosters & Eureka Varsity, Product Developer

Ewald Coetzee
Co-Chairman of Brainboosters and Director: Eureka DIY Solutions & Eureka Varsity 

The Team

From right to left:

Karina Strydom - CEO and Co-Founder
Lennox Tapera - Trainer
Lizanne van Wyk - Operations and Sales
Banyana Maluleke - Trainer
Jean Trembling - Designer
Melisa Sodinga - Assistant
(Nceba Kotoyi - BrainBoosters Daycare Cluster Assistant)


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