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The BrainBoosters dream is to reach at least one million children under the age of eight living in South Africa during the next six years. 

We believe it is critical to rethink learning and teaching in Early Childhood Development and to train existing and new teachers in methods that can show remarkable results in a short period of time. Existing methods in Early Childhood Development are failing the majority of children.  

Parents should be responsible for their children's early brain development, such as learning words and linking words to meanings, understanding numbers, identifying colours and shapes, spatial relations, and acquiring basic life skills etc. before the child enters school.

By equipping South African teachers in Early Childhood Development and showing parents of young children how to stimulate early brain development, children get a great start in life during the critical foundation years.

We manage this process through a social enterprise model thereby helping passionate South Africans to become involved in the process.

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