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Imagine how parents can impact education in South Africa if they can give their children a solid foundation before their children even set foot in a Daycare Centre. But parents left behind by Apartheid don’t know that they have to teach their children the basics.

BrainBoosters Academy offers open source learning for children, teachers and parents.

Children & Parents

This platform assist parents on how to teach their children the basics from 15 months - 7 years. Parents should watch one or two videos daily and interact with their child on their mobile, iPad or computer.  Brain connections become permanent through repetition.  Parents should allow their child to watch the videos over and over with them until they have mastered a concept.  They should not skip a video as their child needs all the building blocks.  There are also many storybooks available under four different age groups. Parents should interact with their child by pausing a video and having discussions about what they see and hear or even mute the sound and read it out loud for their child. Interaction between parent and child is crucial.


South Africa continues to rank poorly in the Global Competitive Index for Primary Education clearly illustrating the need for radical interventions and innovative teaching tools as well as new training methods for teachers if we want to become a global player in the fourth industrial revolution.

We offer free online training for our Daycare Programme as well as our BrainBoosters Gr 1 EFAL programme.  We show videos of how the activities are done in class and also provide free lesson plans to show teachers how to incorporate the BrainBoosters into the CAPS curriculum.

Our Academy website will soon be available at 2 500 hotspots under VASTNET throughout the country making it possible for parents and teachers to access the video training without using their own data.

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