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Eureka Varsity


In 2017 Eureka Varsity will see the final students graduate and receive their NQF 5 Certificates.

As from 2017, Eureka Varsity will no longer be offering full qualifications but short courses that will be registered with SACE (South African Council of Educators) where registered educators who attend will be able to receive their CPTD Points (Continuing Professional Teacher Development). View our Mathematics programmes.

The short courses will be focused on Early Childhood Development and will work hand-in-hand with BrainBoosters for effective learning material and resources.

Through this we aim to encourage educators of South Africa to accept the challenge of taking on a new approach to teaching an unlearn ineffective methods and change the way we look at South African Education.


Eureka Varsity was established in 2013 by Mr Hendrik Marais (Chairman and Founder), Ms Karina Strydom (Director and Co-Founder) and Mr Ewald Coetzee (Director), specialising only in Early Childhood Development. Eureka Varsity had successfully received accreditation through the ETDP SETA as a training provider. 

The qualifications that were enlisted where:

• National Qualifications Framework Level 4 (Equivalent to that of a Matric Certificate)

• National Qualifications Framework Level 5 (National Certificate)


In 2016 Eureka Varsity successfully graduate 36 students, 19 NQF 4 and 17 NQF 5. 

Ewald Coetzee, Sancha Hein, Karina Strydom, Hendrik Marais


NQF Level 5 - Class of 2013


NQF Level 4 - Class of 2013

NQF Level 4 - Group 1 - Class of 2014

NQF Level 4 - Group 2 - Class of 2014

NQF Level 5 - Frankfort - Class of 2014

NQF Level 5 - Group 1 - Class of 2014

NQF Level 5 - Group 2 - Class of 2014

NQF Level 5 - Sasolburg - Class of 2014



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