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Day Mothers Cluster


BrainBoosters latest addition is the ‘Daycare cluster’ programme. It provides knowledge and tools for cognitive development of children under three. This lays the foundation for all future learning.

The model is based on 10 ‘Daycares’ in a cluster.


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  • There are 10 theme packs.
  • Each pack has an interactive “learning book” with a toy.
  • 10 Daycares share the 10 packs for 10 weeks.
  • A Daycare gets every pack for one week before it goes to the next one.
  • This keeps costs extremely low and training easy.




  • An assistant delivers the product once a week and does the training at the Daycare.
  • This solves the problem of a training venue, delivery of product and someone to look after her children.
  • Training is simple - cell phone based and immediate practical application with children on the spot, solving the problem of teaching unqualified people.
  • Weekly visits determine whether further training is required for the Daycare.
  • During the weekly product rotate session, the assistant can see progress of the children.
  • The assistant can then encourage and train the Daycare.
  • Illiterate Daycares can talk about what they see on each page using their mother tongue.
  • One assistant could reach 10 Daycares per day, 5 days per week reaching 350 children (assuming average 7 children per Daycare).


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