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The majority of ECD programmes in South Africa were written for children with adequate vocabulary and very involved parents. Advantaged children hear 30 million more words at the age of 3. How do we close the gap that uninvolved parenting has left on our country? BrainBoosters offers two ECD solutions.

Our Play & Learn programme is a 30 minutes per day cognitive year programme. We provide carefully selected toys, books and posters in six themes for the caregiver/teacher. We use a unique methodology, which shows remarkable results in a short period. We empower poorly skilled caregivers/teachers by providing non-academic training with a picture-driven poster instead of a manual. We also provide affordable parent packs. The parent packs are available to parents without the full Play & Learn container. This allows parents to help and encourage the potential for their child's growth.

The second Daycare programme is our Play & Learn Lite programme and is for ‘INFORMAL CRECHES’ where space is a problem as well as unskilled caregivers. BrainBoosters offers one container at a remarkable value as well as non-academic training for gogos. With the few selected toys, books, posters and counting discs we show how more than 60 cognitive guided games can be played to teach the basic concepts. We also provide parent packs.


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