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Gr 1 Mathematics

The BrainBoosters Grade 1 & 2 Mathematics consists of a unique methodology that utilizes a concrete interactive teaching method, which involves all learners, not just one child at a time. This method provides instant feedback to teachers and all learners in a non-threatening way, making learning easy, fast and fun.

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Aim of the learning and teaching support materials


Aims to:

  • Help learners to master the basics of mathematics to ensure better mathematical skills in our country.
  • Change the possibility of a bad experience when corrected to a positive one – this is the result of giving immediate feedback to a learner in a discreet and supportive way.
  • Instill a love for mathematics and an ‘I can’ mentality to enable all learners (or at least a large majority) to engage fully with the CAPS curriculum, which should continue in later grades.


Aims to:

  • Give the joy of teaching back to teachers when they experience the improvement in learners’ involvement, attitude and skills.
  • Help teachers identify and rectify learning problems immediately in a quick, easy and supportive way.
  • Improve teacher preparation - the teaching materials are easy to use and CAPS

The following learning and teaching support materials are included:


  • A re-usable resource book
  • Replenishable cut-outs and perforated cards for the interaction and feedback
  • 120 Black EVA counting discs
  • Dice and tokens for the learning games in the book
  • Elastics to organize cut-outs and cards

Learner Book R80 excluding VAT
Cut outs, discs, dice and tokens R125 excluding VAT
Total product R205 excluding VAT

A short overview of the learning and teaching support materials

How the programme works in a classroom

  • The teacher introduces the relevant pages in the book using a concrete demonstration (in smaller groups for large classes) to give all learners an understanding of what is to follow.
  • Brain connections become permanent by repeating the interactive lessons for 5 days.


We offer a SACE accredited training with 3 workshops:

  • Workshop 1 - R300 Including products
  • Workshop 2 - R150 (No products)
  • Workshop 3 - R150 (No products)

To see dates available for SACE training and to book, contact Lizanne van Wyk


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