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Gr R, 1 & 2



The BrainBoosters Grade R, 1 & 2 Mathematics consists of a unique methodology that utilizes a concrete interactive teaching method, which involves all learners, not just one child at a time. This method provides instant feedback to teachers and all learners in a non-threatening way, making learning easy, fast and fun.

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Aim of the learning and teaching support materials


Aims to:

  • Help learners to master the basics of mathematics to ensure better mathematical skills in our country.
  • Change the possibility of a bad experience when corrected to a positive one – this is the result of giving immediate feedback to a learner in a discreet and supportive way.
  • Instil a love for mathematics and an ‘I can’ mentality to enable all learners (or at least a large majority) to engage fully with the CAPS curriculum, which should continue in later grades.


Aims to:

  • Give the joy of teaching back to teachers when they experience the improvement in learners’ involvement, attitude and skills.
  • Help teachers identify and rectify learning problems immediately in a quick, easy and supportive way.
  • Improve teacher preparation - the teaching materials are easy to use and CAPS

The following learning and teaching support materials are included:


  • A re-usable resource book
  • Replenishable cut-outs and perforated cards for the interaction and feedback
  • Counting discs
  • Dice and tokens for the learning games in the book
  • Ziplock bags to organize cut-outs and cards

How the programme works in a classroom

  • The teacher introduces the relevant pages in the book using a concrete demonstration (in smaller groups for large classes) to give all learners an understanding of what is to follow.
  • Brain connections become permanent by repeating the interactive lessons for 5 days.


We offer a SACE accredited training with 3 workshops:

  • Workshop 1 - R350 Including products
  • Workshop 2 - R150 (No products)
  • Workshop 3 - R150 (No products)

To see dates available for SACE training and to book, contact Lizanne van Wyk


Use our Open Source Learning and Training website:

Reading Booster 


The motivation for a reading programme such as this is based on extensive insights gleaned from numerous ‘literacy research’ documents from a wide array of experts in the field. These writings confirmed one thing; that many children in South Africa are unable to comprehend what they read.

Grade 1 learners are taught 26 letters over the course of an entire year. And yet they still struggle with reading. South Africa needs a programme that can accelerate the learning process. What if a new method was introduced – one that began with a sentence describing a picture? What about showing a child a picture and then discussing that picture in the child’s vernacular? And then introduce the English sentence relating to the picture?

The method of immediate feedback shows that children learn faster. Using matching cards to get instant feedback by allowing for the correction of children on the spot for optimum effects makes this method a ground-breaking one for Africa, considering
the continent’s limited resources.

The 30 minute, 12-week programme forms part of the Grade R - 2 programme and will also benefit children in higher grades with poor literacy skills.

It includes products for teacher, learner and parent, as well as teacher training. The same programme can be used for basic adult literacy programmes. 

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